Google Map of Carlisle City Centre

Scale:  The map covers a distance of approximately 0.7 miles across its whole width


St George’s United Reformed Church (1) can be accessed directly from West Walls.
You can also approach on foot either from the driveways around the Cathedral
or via St Cuthbert’s Church (3) grounds.

The Tithe Barn (2) is the meeting place of the Tithe Barn Methodists.
It can be accessed directly from West Walls
or on foot via St Cuthbert’s Church (3) grounds.

St Cuthbert’s Church (3) is the Anglican Church serving the City Centre

The Town Dyke or Sally Port Car Park (4) offers plenty of space to park but
you have to walk up a considerable flight of steps to get to West Walls.
The vehicle access is from English Damside and is most easily reached
from Victoria Estate Road through an archway (6a) under the railway.
English Damside does not connect directly with Victoria Viaduct
but can be reached from in front of the railway station (9).
There is a one way restriction just at the north end of
Victoria Estate Road preventing exit onto the A595.

Limited car parking is available on the same level as St George’s
in the Heads Lane Car Park (5) on West Walls.
Manoeuvring might prove challenging.

The Lower Viaduct Car Park (6) provides further parking space and
there is a walkway connecting Viaduct Estate Road
to the end of English Damside at (4).

National and regional bus services use the Bus Station (7).
The main interchange point for local bus services is West Tower Street (8).
(9) shows the passenger entrance to the Railway Station.

St George’s United Reformed Church

Carlisle, UK

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